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Shaved Pits


I mentioned in a brief message posted to my Yahoo group that I was doing something new. Well, here it is complete with photo:

My body has very little hair as you've no doubt seen from my photos, other than my very hairy legs and forearms. And I've always been happy with that. The only thing I don't like is that my armpits seem to have waaay too much hair. So I made an appointment to have laser hair removal. A hairy friend had it done for his back and was extremely happy with the results so after talking a great deal with him and reading up on it I decided to have it done.
For those not familiar, laser hair removal is a multi-visit process. With the newer machines it involves very little pain, though the feeling during the process can be somewhat annoying at times. The laser wand is aimed at a spot on your skin, the laser zaps and kills the roots of growing hair follicles. And that's the catch--only about 20% of your hair is actually growing at any given time with the remainder in a restive state. So each treatment only kills about 20% of your existing hair. You must shave before the treatment because pain occurs from the (literal) burning of hair so you want to have as little as possible so the burning is minimal enough that it doesn't hurt. The hurt comes in when you've got a LOT of hair in one spot, the hairs are very course, etc. Treatments are scheduled every 4-6 weeks to allow the for cycle of new hairs growing to be zapped.

I've just had my first treatment and have the second one scheduled for near Christmas. When I wrote that I was finding it quite "interesting" it was because I had just shaved my pits in preparation for the first treatment and they really felt weird. The only body shaving I'd done in the past was for my groin and the few that grow in my ass crack. With my pits--WOW. Going from very hairy armpits to none, well, first off the skin there felt strange to the touch. And with my arms hanging it almost felt like the skin was sticking to itself the first day or two. But within a few days I adjusted and now it feels normal again.

Showing shaved pits

This is a self-photo snapped this morning. Annoyingly I've got waaay too much stomach in this photo. Been enjoying too much partying from my birthday and I must put a stop to it before it spills into waaay to much partying for the holidays!

If you have experience with hair removal I'd be interested to hear your comments. If you've got questions about laser hair removal I'd be happy to answer any that I can.


Found your blog, but not the photo.Bruce
Am i missing something?
Dumb me, found your photo, you look great, as usual. Since you are now in the states hope you have a very good Thanksgiving Day here. Hugs etc to you
Love your smooth pits.. love smooth men.

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