Naked Evan Blog - Saturday at Wreck Beach

Saturday at Wreck Beach


The weather was forecast to be hot and sunny so I made plans to spend the day at Wreck Beach.

After a long lazy shower and breakfast I pulled on a pair of ultra low-rise spandex shorts with a pouch in the front and a string tank top along with flip flops then headed out the door to grab my bike from inside the parkade.

It's only a block away to pick up a sub sandwich to add to the day-pack on my back and stuff the tank top in there too, then I was off for the 13 km (8 mile) ride out to Wreck Beach.

Reaching SW Marine Drive I pedaled along going right past trail 6--the primary entry point used to reach the beach and kept going another kilometer until I suddenly swerve and brake to squeeze between the barricades that block autos from the north end of Old Marine Drive. Now on the quiet road for the last near-kilometer stretch I first hooked my left thumb in the waistband of my already-very-low shorts and running around from front-to-back dropped them even lower. I then followed up with my right thumb on the other side.

Reaching the bike rack at the top of the trail my dick was now semi-hard in the shorts that ended just slightly above its root. I was covered in sweat from the exertion of the fast ride and the back of my day-pack was soaked with my sweat too. I dug into it for my keys then carefully set it down on a concrete barricade not wanting the wet fabric to touch the ground, then slipped out of my flip-flops and scooped them up to lock them along with my helmet into my bike lock.

Grabbing my day-pack with one hand, I yanked down on my shorts with the other hand, stepping out of them as I strode the 20 paces to the trail. By the time I hit the top of the trail I was already naked and my shorts were securely zipped inside my pack which had returned to my back.

Ultra low-rise spandex biking shorts

My half-hard dick bobbed as I trotted down the combination of stairs and hillside pathway taking me down about 90 m (100 yd) to the waters edge. It took a few more minutes to reach my regular area and I was spreading out my blanket before the clock hit 10. I left my 2 L water bottle, apple, and sub sandwich in my bag to be placed in a shady spot. But along with my blanket I removed from my bag a bottle of sunscreen, a bottle of lotion, my second water bottle, a book I was in the middle of, and a plastic bag.

I thoroughly sprayed myself with the sunscreen and rubbed it in, paying special attention to areas that don't get as much sun such as my ass and my dick. It hadn't already been partially erect but with the application of the sunscreen it was now totally rigid. I put the sunscreen away--I was finished with it anyhow.

Picking up the plastic bag I opened it and removed a large dildo, then spread the plastic bag on the center of my blanket and knelt directly over it. A generous application of lotion into my hand which I then divided between both hands. My left hand grasped my dick and began slowly massaging to it's urge. The fingers of my right hand began exploring my asshole. First one finger, then two, and finally a third squeezed in. After a few minutes I was ready to introduce the dildo. I briefly left my dick alone and with one hand I grabbed the lower part of the dildos shaft while the other hand guided the head of it between my legs directly to my awaiting pucker. Placing the head of it against the entry point I set the base down in the center of the plastic below then as my right hand held the dildo steady my left hand returned to tease my dick as I slowly lowered from the upright kneel down.

My ass resisted gently at first but having been loosened by my fingers it was only a brief pause before it slowly opened and allowed the thick solid latex to enter. I paused briefly to let my ass adjust then slid a bit further down onto the shaft, pausing once again. After about 8 cm (3") I was ready to pull out but immediately reentered smoothly sliding down a bit further than I had been before. All the while my left hand was stroking and caressing my stiff erection.

I lazily took four or five cycles of the entry and removal before I had the entire shaft buried deep inside my butt and once there I enjoyed the erotic sensation for a time. My body weight fully resting down on the dildo with my bent legs on either side of me. I wiggled around a bit to feel the sensations of it touching my insides in different ways. I slowly lifted up just a little, then let my body drop fully down onto it again, ramming the full length into my ass as far as it could go. That was all it took and my body begged for the full treatment. I unbent my knees to lift myself up until only the very top portion of the dildo was still inside my ass, then quickly lowered again. Up and down I rapidly moved, spearing my ass with the dildo again and again. My left hand now intensely stroked at my penis in double time to the penetrations in my ass.

I wanted to enjoy the sensations as long as possible, but I could only hold out for a few minutes of this action until I felt the spray forming from deep inside me. Quickly I lifted completely off the dildo and held my right hand cupped in front of my shafts head as my left hand continued the last seconds of frenzied rubbing. Suddenly jets of white goo came shooting into my right palm and the stroking slowly subsided as the liquid flow slowed. Carefully squeezing all the fluid from the already deflating shaft, I lifted my hand and eagerly drank the thick white cream. Delicious!

Reaching in my pack I pulled out a second plastic bag and a few paper towels. Quickly I wiped the excess lotion mixed with natural ass slime from the dildo and my butt, then wiped my hands as well. The dildo was neatly tucked into the new plastic bag while the one beneath me was now turned inside out to become a trash receptacle. Finally, a quick application of water on another paper towel was used to wash the hands clean and I was more then ready to settle down and zone out with my book.

I glanced at my watch lying on the corner of the blanket.


I'd started my day at Wreck Beach with a bang and the morning wasn't even over yet.


DANG, I wish I had been there to witness this spectacle! WOW...

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