Naked Evan Blog - XXX - jerking off today

XXX - jerking off today


I flipped on my webcam and caught a snip of me jerking off today.


This has been tested in:
~ Internet Explorer - functional.
~ Google Chrome - sorry, doesn't work.

Windows Media Player is required to see the video. Click the logo to get it FREE.
Get Windows Media Player


holy fuck...what I would have done to be face down in your bush!
LOL. Thank Robert, but I don't have any "bush" right now. My Pride costumes necessitate shaving it off every year. So I currently have only 5 days of growth. :)
That's OK - I'll take you with or without hair!
Aparently doesn't play in Firefox, either.
Normally I can play Windows Media files on my Mac by using the Flip4Mac application and QuickTIme with no problems. But I do not even see the video, just a blank area on the page below the Get Windows Media Player button :-(
Okay, that sucks that the videos don't work on Firefox or Mac. I've got to find a new way of programming them in so that they'll work on more than IE.
Hot as always!
great vid evan love to see you
Nice, love self nude and x pics and videos. Cam is hot!!!!
Hmm hot. Nudist exhibitionist but only consensuall nothing illegal like you. Love self nude and x videos and pics. Hot watching you stroke

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