Naked Evan Blog - Vancouver Pride Sunday - on Davie Street

Vancouver Pride Sunday - on Davie Street


After I had been in Pumpjack for a while I took a brief break to pop outside for a quick snapshot. I just asked one of the guys in the line-up if he'd step out to the curb with my camera and take my photo, while I took his spot in the line.

He graciously obliged me, though we had to wait about a minute as for a time there was a non-stop stream of people passing.

Then as he was getting ready to snap the pic I surprised him--and everyone else--by taking off my outfit and standing there naked. Here's the result:
Naked on Davie Street in front of Pumpjack Pub

The little circles you see on either side of my crotch are the Velcro disks stitched to my skin to hold my costume.

The jewelry is a frenum, not a prince albert. For those not familiar, a PA goes right through the head so one end of the jewelry is coming out the pee-hole. A frenum is strictly through skin. Mine happen to have been there all my life. I've got three frenum and I assume they were made by the doctor who circumcised me.


First you STITCHED the Velcro disks to your skin???? YEOW!!

Second, the Doctor sounds like a hack, but how cool to be able to use his mistake for cool jewelry without having to undergo the piercing pain!
Actually, they say that this happens to at least 1 in 10,000 circumcisions. So while it's rare I can't claim it as unique.
WOW, my BF and I were there at Vancouver Pride. Too bad we missed you. Very HOT.

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