Naked Evan Blog - Vancouver Pride Sunday - after the Fair

Vancouver Pride Sunday - after the Fair


Around 6:00 pm I left the fair grounds and rode my bicycle home. Unless one looked close I appeared to be wearing only flip-flops and my helmet.

A quick shower, then changed into my evening outfit and headed back to Davie Street. There I lined up to enter the Pumpjack Pub. Fortunately the line was short and moved quickly so I didn't have to wait more than 15 minutes before getting inside.

Unfortunately the only photos I have are from behind, so I'm including a web pic of my outfit here: photo of backless singlet
From, this is the item I wore to Pumpjack.

The only problem with this item is that unless you're standing totally upright the fabric bags forward and it becomes as if you're wearing nothing. I've got no problem with that, but I don't want to get kicked out of the bar by owners concerned about their licensing. My solution was to sew small Velcro discs into the corners that lined up with the Velcro taps that I'd stitched to my skin for the daytime outfit. And that took care of it.

I was sitting at the bar, my back to the bar, quite near the main service point when one of the bartenders knocked over a beer and it spilled all over me. Cold bear running down my back and ass made me yelp and jump off my stool quickly.

Me in the backless singlet, with beer running down my back and dripping off my left ass cheek.
With beer all over my rear side, particularly down my left ass cheek where it's still dripping!

I had an absolute blast in there that evening and of course it goes without saying that in that outfit I got groped a LOT. What truly amazed me though is that I used only ONE stitch through my skin for each Velcro disk, and with everything I was up to in that outfit plus all the tugging at the fabric--some of it pretty rough--by the guys groping, the stitches held just fine.

When I came home totally exhausted at around 10:00 pm (hey, I didn't get much sleep the night before) I carefully cut the thread with a razor blade and the stitch on each side slid out from the skin. Now I've got a red mark on either side of my crotch that look like tiny snake bites from where those stitches were!


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