Naked Evan Blog - Very Tiny Tie-side Thong

Very Tiny Tie-side Thong


It's a bit chilly this time of year to be running around outside in a thong, but I've got photos of me taken indoors in an extremely obscene thong I own. Unfortunately they are slightly out of focus. Sorry about that!

Hope you enjoy them anyhow.

The first photo shows how little it covers--right down to the base of the shaft. And because it's such a tight-fitted pouch there's only one way for everything to go--sticking out. So it has a hefty bulge sticking outwards.
Standing in tiny side-tie thong

In the second photo you can see that it also covers as little as possible at the bottom end--immediately behind the balls. Leaves the area between the legs totally uncovered.
Seated in tiny side-tie thong

Finally from the rear, it's nothing but two strings coming down the crack. You can adjust somewhat how high or low on the ass the strings come together as the slope across the butt. The red mark across my back is simply from leaning back on the chair.
Rear view of tiny side-tie thong

I don't think I'd ever wear this one at a public beach--it's just a bit too extreme for that. But I could see myself wearing it at a bar or something. So far it hasn't had a public debut.


Woah! Evan, you look beautiful with this very small thong : I do love it ! This makes you a beautiful ass and I would love to be with you to better enjoy your body !

Cheers from France (William)
damn, are looking mighty fine. are you back in PS? I hope to get down again the end of April.
I have seen some very fun sheer, penis shaped g-strings and thongs that you could probably do at the bars...
That is so HOT! Can't wait to get one to wear to the Eagle here in NYC on jockstrap night.
Wow! Can't wait to wear one of these at jockstrap night (wed) at NYEagle.
Nice. I'll have to look for one. Great to wear for those times a cover is required.

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