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Animation Ass


I've made a stop-gap animation of brand new photos just taken.


XXX - jerking off today


I flipped on my webcam and caught a snip of me jerking off today.


This has been tested in:
~ Internet Explorer - functional.
~ Google Chrome - sorry, doesn't work.

Windows Media Player is required to see the video. Click the logo to get it FREE.
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Vancouver Pride Sunday - on Davie Street


After I had been in Pumpjack for a while I took a brief break to pop outside for a quick snapshot. I just asked one of the guys in the line-up if he'd step out to the curb with my camera and take my photo, while I took his spot in the line.

He graciously obliged me, though we had to wait about a minute as for a time there was a non-stop stream of people passing.

Then as he was getting ready to snap the pic I surprised him--and everyone else--by taking off my outfit and standing there naked. Here's the result:

Vancouver Pride Sunday - after the Fair


Around 6:00 pm I left the fair grounds and rode my bicycle home. Unless one looked close I appeared to be wearing only flip-flops and my helmet.

A quick shower, then changed into my evening outfit and headed back to Davie Street. There I lined up to enter the Pumpjack Pub. Fortunately the line was short and moved quickly so I didn't have to wait more than 15 minutes before getting inside.

Unfortunately the only photos I have are from behind, so I'm including a web pic of my outfit here:

Vancouver Pride Sunday


For some reason I was wide awake by 7:30 despite not having got to bed until after 2:00 am. But that was a good thing because I kept quite busy until it was time to head to head out for the parade. Shower and breakfast were a must, of course. Then I checked my email. It's amazing how time flies just with those events.

Then I started getting ready for the parade. First I took two 3/4" Velcro disks (the 'hook' side) and sewed them to the corners of my crotch basically right above the central point where my leg starts. Yes, you read correctly--sewed to my skin! I had pondered various ideas for how to make this costume work for me and then I remembered reading a history book about a year ago which talked about how a few hundred years ago it was common for people to sew themselves into their underwear in the autumn and not remove it again until spring. The book made a point that it was not always just sewing the garments on by stitching the fabric together, but often they would sew directly into the skin. So on Thursday I gave it a try with just a needle by itself. And I discovered two amazing things.
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